Entrance terms and conditions

Entry is by ticket only

ALL people over the age of 14 entering the Festival for any reason must have a valid ticket for entry.

The tickets are available from the Festival website prior to entry. You will be required to show that ticket to the gate staff or to the stewards prior to entry and they will scan the barcode on your ticket or your mobile phone. Without a valid ticket, you will be required to purchase entrance on the gate.

Tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions of entry.

General terms and conditions

  1. The Festival opens at 0900 and closes at 1600. No entry after 1500. Please be aware that the livestock area will close at 1530 to allow the orderly removal of the livestock.
  2. All tickets remain subject to cancellation in the lead up to the Festival if we are requested to change the event by City of Edinburgh Council or the Scottish Government. In this event, all tickets will be refunded less an administration fee which will be charged by the booking agency.
  3. Admission to the Festival is subject to the presentation of a valid ticket as well as these terms and conditions. Entering the Festival shall be deemed to be an unqualified acceptance of these conditions.
  4. Smallholding Scotland reserves the right for it and its representatives or stewards to eject anybody from the Festival if they do not comply with these Conditions
  5. Notwithstanding the above, Smallholding Scotland reserves the general right to refuse admission to the Festival or to eject anyone from the venue (acting reasonably).
  6. All visitors will be expected to adhere to all instructions issued regarding hygiene, livestock and general conduct at the Festival.
  7. Admission to, and exit from, the Festival will be at the designated point(s) only which will be the North Gate of the Royal Highland Showground.
  8. In the event that a visitor has requested more than one ticket, they will be ‘lead booker’. Checks will be carried out at points of entry to ensure that the details provided during booking match up with the visitor in attendance at the Festival, and in the event of any discrepancies, the visitor will be refused admission.
  9. We request that visitors use common sense and courtesy towards other visitors, exhibitors and volunteers.
  10. Dogs are allowed at the Festival where well behaved dogs on fixed (not extending) leads are allowed. No dogs are allowed in the main penning area with the exception of guide dogs used for the purpose of directing the visually and hearing impaired. No dogs are allowed in the restaurant, cookery theatre or upper foyer. If you are asked to remove your dog from an area by any steward, you must do so immediately.
  11. Smoking and vaping (including e-cigarettes) is not allowed anywhere within or in the vicinity of the Highland Hall
  12. Food must not be taken into the livestock area for hygiene reasons.
  13. Visitors must obey emergency broadcasts or instructions given over the PA system or those made by Police or Stewards.
  14. Visitors acknowledge that the Festival is a public event and by entering the event they are deemed to have consented to being filmed and having their image broadcast by any means on any media.