Pig MOT: Practical tips for pig keepers

Pig ring: 2:00pm

A presentation given by Pernille Jorgensen, Veterinary Investigation Officer at SRUC Veterinary Services. Topics covered will include tips to ensure you are buying healthy breeding pigs that are fit for purpose, guidelines to keep them healthy and productive by ensuring correct feeding and disease prevention once they have entered the holding. Practical demonstrations will focus on handling and injection techniques of pigs.

About the session

Pernille Jorgensen graduated from Copenhagen vet school in 2013 and worked in clinical practice for 4 years (In Norway and England), then was a VIO at Surrey vet school for 1.5 years and has been a VIO at SRUC in Aberdeen for 4.5 years. She worked in a commercial pig unit in Denmark prior to entering vet school and is very enthusiastic about pig pathology.