More woods and more hedges for Scotland

Room 1: 12:30pm

Charlie Owen is an Outreach Advisor for Woodland Trust Scotland, covering the East of Scotland.

This short talk will provide an overview of how Woodland Trust Scotland can help, with specific information on internal funding streams; MOREwoods, MOREhedges, and others, with examples to illustrate.

MOREwoods and MOREhedges are flexible in terms of species mix, density, and design to meet the needs of the site, with a minimum of 0.5 hectares and 500 trees for MOREwoods, and 100m for MOREhedges. They cover 75% of the cost of trees and protection, and can be moulded to suit the project area, and the landowners’ objectives.

About Woodland Trust Scotland

Woodland Trust ScotlandWTS has a team of advisors covering all of Scotland and its islands, with the Croft Woodland Project in the crofting counties, who liaise with landowners, farmers, crofters, and communities to help facilitate the protection and planting of native trees on their land through giving advice on species suitability, woodland design, and assessment of site conditions, sensitivities, opportunities, and constraints.

They can also advise and assist on grant applications where appropriate.