Micro-dairying – the Highland Fold Experience

Room 2: 12:30pm

Highland Fold Ice Cream is a business with a social purpose developed over the last six years on our farm in Barcaldine where we keep and milk Highland cattle, grow and forage fruit and herbs, and make and serve delicious ice cream along with home-made puddings in our beautiful Garden & Barn ice cream cafe.

Our mission is producing responsible sustainable food in tune with our natural environment, culture and social history. We believe that the production and consumption of ultra processed food is damaging to our planet and to people’s physical and mental health so we want to do what we can to encourage interest in sustainable food production.

We milk our Highland cows by hand to produce ice cream adding local, home-grown, foraged and sustainably sourced ingredients. We are continuously developing and improving in our pursuit of the purest and most delicious products.

We promote slow tourism, and sustainable visitor experiences on our farm with bespoke tours and activities and we support young people into work, providing opportunities for them to learn about sustainable food production. With a summer team of seven one of our priorities is to develop our winter activities to provide employment all year.