Goat MOT: Practical tips for goat keepers

SRUC Theatre: 1:30pm

Topics covered will include: legislation which has to be complied with before buying and whilst owning goats; health matters such as vaccination programmes, worming/lice treatments; basic goat first aid box; what a potential buyer should look out for in a healthy animal; basic ‘good conformation’ points; practical demonstrations focusing on hoof trimming, drenching, injecting, taking temperature of animal; suggested feedstuffs and general handling of goats; infrastructure needed for good welfare; health conditions to consider testing for before purchase.

About the session

Caroline Robinson has worked for SRUC Veterinary Services as a Veterinary Investigation Officer since 2011, following 5 years in mixed practice. She has always had a keen interest in facilitating and providing animal health and welfare information to smallholders, and has enthusiastically supported the Festival since its inception.

Agnes Aitken is a goatkeeper with over 30 years experience, and is the Festival’s Goat Steward.