Pig Show and Showcase

At Festival HQ, we know that pigs are an important part of many smallholdings, whether breeding, rearing and processing as a business, for land management or raising a couple of weaners for the freezer. Smallholders also play a critical role in protecting and promoting British breeds of pigs – all eleven of which are included on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s Watchlist.

For 2023, the Festival aims to showcase as many pig breeds as possible. While we will be approaching breed societies, we are more than happy to work with individual breed enthusiasts to bring livestock to the Festival.

If you are a passionate breeder of pigs and would like to be part of our Pig Showcase, please contact info@festival.scot

The Festival hosts the only pig show in Scotland – British Pig Association approved, we have classes for both native and non-native breeds plus a few fun events too. Details of our pig show are here

Breeds represented: